Monday, 2 March 2009

To Be With You at Allentown

To Be With You was a track that kind of slipped off the radar a little for me, especially in the shadow on the superior 'You Can' and 'Somebody Out There'. Don't get me wrong, I never disliked the song I just always prefered the other 2 ballads. I always found something slightly dissastisfying in comparison, a song that I felt had more potential than how it was worked on the album. I had a feeling that live, David would take this song to a whole new level and he does just that. Ive been monitoring the versions of this song on youtube and I think ive found a video that really does it justice. David really brought it to Allentown.

I think part of the reason I love this video is the angle. Its locked onto Davids face. The thing I noticed was the consistent focus, even throughout the screamings. David really enters a zone. If you look towards the end of the video, he leaves that zone as the song ends and the smile re enters. It really is like he switches between one state or form to another. It is in this zone that the connection I have talked about many times comes into force. The emotion shines through on this performance and I feel like I can finally feel content knowing this song is where it belongs, live. That glory note is a killer too. It sits in a fantastic place in his voice and has tremendous punch and resonanace. I will admit, I was beginning to tear up a little.

I will continue to post videos that I think are special. Its so refreshing and also relieving to finally see David back in his realm. He always will be a live performer.


gemzone (Geri) said...

Chensen I so agree with you David is and always will be a live performer. Also I saw that you are going to quite a few shows in the UK. I would love to meet you I live in Utah and me and a friend from Calif. are coming to London just to see David. I already have the tickets bought. So very excited to see London and of course David again. Geri

TOfan said...

Great to read your thoughts on this song, Chenson!

I was lucky enough to be at this show and my only pet peeve was Kendra's harmonies, which seemed a little off on this song. Her violin, however, added a lovely poignancy.

Anonymous said...

To be with you....woo such a nice track..really enjoyed every thoughts of yours..keep going..

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