Monday, 18 August 2008

A letter to David from Chad Hunt

Chad Hunt, founder of Planet Idol, wrote an amazing letter to David that was delievered personally at the Lexington show a few days ago. He was unable to make it to a AI tour gig because he lives in Canada and became Ill around the time of the northwestern dates and couldnt make it. So Keith from Planet Idol delivered this amazing letter to David at the Lexington gig a few days ago. David read it there and then and was blown away. I wanted you all to read it cos its beautiful.

Hi David,

My name is Chad, I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I used to post on a message board called "Idol Forums" and I believe your father read some of the messages I would post about you. I also became acquainted with "Brett", your family friend, and a most amazing guy he is, I might add.

The reason I wanted to write this note to you is because I know that Keith is getting the opportunity to meet you today, and I wanted to share in that, even if in some small way. Like I said, I live in Canada, and with my schedule and everything going on, it's unfortunate, but I have been unable to see you performing on tour.

It's important to me that you know why I am writing this to you. It is not because I am some crazed fan that thinks the sun rises and sets on you, or, that you can do no wrong. I know you're human. I know that you are just one young man, right now, trying to tackle everything coming your way, with the amazing grace and dignity that you exude. I wanted you to know, above all else, that I admire you. Your sense of spirit, your silent sensitivity, and your connection to your music - probably something about you that quite a few fans probably don't even realize. Who you are comes from deep inside, and I want you to know, I recognize that in you. I know, for you, this isn't about money, it's not about fame - it's about you. This is what you were born to do David. Nothing else. Deep inside you know that, and, even though you are just 17, your leaps and bounds beyond so many people, spiritually and emotionally. Don't ever let words deter you, don't ever let ego or vanity take away from the special magic that is all you are.

The first time I saw you perform "Heaven" by Bryan Adams (a fellow Canadian!), I felt it. I say "felt it" because, anyone that really gets you "feels you", doesn't "hear you". I think you probably know what I mean.

I also wanted to write this to you to share something that, for the most part, embarassed me, but, I want you to know how profoundly I tend to take things. This past season, watching you on 'American Idol', was definitely a roller-coaster ride for me, as well as many others. I found myself amazingly passionate in my defense of you, at times, shocking myself. You know there are critics, there always will be, and some of them can get downright nasty. I just want you to know, that, for every critic you will have in your life (and you're going to have them), there will be a "Chad" out there who has your back, that cares about you as a person, and "gets" what you're working to accomplish.

When you didn't win the title, I was so upset, so angry, that I vowed never to watch 'American Idol' again, and, even to this day, I won't. I refuse to. If anyone, ever, in the history of Idol ever deserved to win, it was you my young friend. No one has ever been more deserving, based on sheer talent alone, than that amazing young man so many of us have affectionately coined "Archie". It took me some time to try and deal with it. I actually left Idol Forums, with Keith, and started my own forum, because I couldn't take the constant reminders on Idol Forums of what went down. Part of me wanted to just forget everything that happened, that the year even existed, and start over. This is where I want to tell you why I am embarrassed. You see David, I was so angry about 'American Idol' and the results, but, I wasn't angry at you - I was angry "for you". I carried this anger with me for awhile.

On our Forum - Planet Idol - Keith and I have developed a board in your name. We call that board, 'Always Archuleta', and although we're a small forum, fairly new, and just getting started, that board means the world to all of us. It's our connection to you.

It took me awhile to start posting in your forum, and, many of your admirers were wondering where I had gone and why I wasn't posting. I didn't even really understand it myself. It wasn't that I disliked you in any way, it wasn't that your music had stopped touching me, because, that will never happen - I didn't know what it was. I finally realized, I wanted to detach myself, and you, from 'American Idol' and I wanted to start seeing you as the artist you are. I think that's finally happened for me. I love 'Crush', a lot. I told you I'm from Vancouver, which is a city with a regional district of 5 million people, and, your song, 'Crush' won 99% of the votes on Friday nite, and remained 4 nite champion! Of course, I supplied the radio link to everyone on my forum and told everyone they had to go and vote, regardless of the time zone they were in! The fact remains, that, my passion for you, and what you represent, is still alive and well. I just wanted you to know that. I wanted you to know, that, regardless of what song you sing, how you sing it, when you sing it, or even whether it's a colossal hit or not, Chad in Vancouver will always be listening for you, and, will always be looking forward to the next step, in what I know, with Gods love and patience, is going to be an amazing career.

You're in for a ride my friend, and you're going to meet some strange people, be immersed in strange circumstances, and at times, find yourself confused - but remember always - where there is heart, there is God, and, where there is God, there is David Archuleta. I don't say that lightly.

Your father is an amazing man. I envy you. I lost my father to cancer just over 4 years ago, and, to this day, I am not over it. I don't think you ever can be "over it". Be grateful (and I know you are) that God has placed such a passionate and loving person in your life to help lead you and watch out for you. Listen to your dad, try and understand his outlook, his opinions (and we know that isn't always easy - haha), and even at times when he's "too much dad" to take - remember this - he'll never steer you wrong.

Keep doing what you're doing, David. Take everything one step at a time. Don't allow yourself to be pursuaded or manipulated by the ideas of others, and most of all, if it doesn't feel right to you, if you don't "feel it", then, don't sing it. That special magic about you, the aura, the warmth, the honesty, comes from your words, the way you convey those words, and to the people you say them to. Again, sing with heart, because, we both know, your heart is what you're all about. I love you my friend, I pray for you, and I wish the most amazing success for you, in all things. Best of luck, God bless, and always remember...if you can "Imagine" it, so it shall be...

Chad Hunt. xo

Friday, 1 August 2008

New Single 'Crush' debuted on Z100

David Archuleta's first single was debuted this morning on Z100 on Elvis Duran's popular morning show. Millions of listeners tuned into listen to Davids first single and Elvis declared that for the first time in a very long time, not a single text message sent in had been negative about the song. The single has struck a chord with the press and has generated positive feedback from polls on USMagazine and People magazine websites. The single is not officially released for another month but should generate plenty of airtime and hype in the up-coming 4 weeks. Davids first single has quite a lot riding on it. An instant success is what Jive and 19E will be desperately hoping for and David himself will have invested his time and effort into making this the best it can be. So has the new single struck a chord with yours truly?

Ok ill get the negative stuff out the way first. The mix is poor. The chorus vocals are too far back so I dont feel im getting all the 'meat' of the chorus melody as well as some vocal effects which sound unfinished and various other sections sound a bit out of balance, certain instruments and elements of the vocals sound slightly pressed back or too far forwardhowever I understand the mix was being finalised the night before so it may not be up to scratch. The song is essentially a teen pop song, generic and catchy, an instant hit following a tried and tested recipe for success aiming for a teen market to achieve chart success. Its not particularly deep musically or lyrically, it may come across as slightly insipid at times and doesn't push any boundaries from any perspective. But is that really the point? No. Not at all.

The first thing came into my head when the song finished was perfect. The song is perfect. Perfect for David at 17 years of age aiming to break into the charts off the back of a very successful series of American Idol. The song is catchy, amiable, up-lifting and most importantly fun. The lyrics address an issue we have all felt at least once in our life sung in a very endearing way. The whole feel of the song is approachable, appealing and is definitely a song you could see yourself singing in the shower, in the car or at a party with all your friends. That is the kind of song that generates chart success and combined with Davids luscious vocal tones its a real winner. The chorus is fabulously melodic without becoming cheesy or too serious. It sits delicately in between both at the absolute perfect happy medium enabling it to cross demographics better than most songs ive heard in recent times. However, despite all of this, I think the biggest achievement of this song is David has managed to create a viable worldwide top-10 hit without copying any artists or treading on their toes. Although the song is fairly generic, I don't think that it sounds copied or that it is imitating any other artists. It shares elements of Chris Brown and OneRepublic with a Avril Lavigne type chorus arrangement but still sounds unique and recognisible in the bigger picture, a trait that few artists can claim these days. And did I mention the vocal performance? It goes way beyond anything in the current charts proving that even in the confines of a commercial song, David can still deliver the goods vocally.

I talked in my previous post about what I would like to see in Davids up-coming album and 'Crush' has scored an absolute home-run in terms of fitting in with commercial chart singles category I talked about. Catchy, amiable, rhythmical and fun. It wont be my favorite song on the album but it is without a doubt the perfect song for David to launch his career with. David talked about making an album that is fun and young and I think 'Crush' is the perfect song for that to begin with. I can picture it being played at many future parties that I shall be attending and that catchy chorus will be floating round the population for weeks to come. Its stuck in my head now and I bet its stuck in yours too. If there is any justice in the music industry, this song will reach #1.