Friday, 6 March 2009

Zero Gravity at Columbus

Ive had a fair few people ask me to talk about this, well, phenomenom is the only word to describe it. Zero Gravity, written by David and guitarist Mike Krompass never made it to the album, a decision that is not only baffling but just plain stupid. Not only is it painstakingly obvious that this is arguably the most popular song within the fanbase(or at least potentially) David has recorded/performed to date, it is also a song that for my ears (albeit im not great at predicting whats going to be a hit on the radio) the most sure fire hit song ive heard come out Davids mouth. I cant think of any other song that David has recorded that has such universal love and that is the key to a successful single. Also with the 1minute 40 seconds we have of the recorded version thanks to the amazing snarky archies, it is the most skillfully produced and best sounding radio ready song David has recorded. Jive, what were you thinking?

The first thing I thought of when I saw this performance was 'Shop Around' - the highly underated and arguably the best top 24 performance ever in the history of Idol, at least I think so. One of the collective opinions about that performance was how much fun David seemed to be having with it, a level fun that wasnt replicated again the entire season. I think for the first time since that performance, David has found a zone with this song that brings back that fun factor. However, the difference now is Davids confidence on stage. He no longer moves like he has a rod in his back, he actually looks and feels free - liberated. Just 1 year is all it takes for him to improve like that. The word I would use to describe this song is definitly bouncy. Hence the bouncing by David and the band (how do you bounce and sing in tune at the same time? I can't do it!!). The infectious energy of it rubs off to all. Look at the band, they are all absolutly loving it. Davids best party song has arrived.

My favorite part of the actual song, despite the songs main hook that seems to get stuck in my head for days at a time, is the bridge. I have always loved those bridges that instead of providing a contrasting section, start a build up to a climactic chorus. Its a very popular feature in rock songs and also dance music. This is one that really climaxes the energy of the song fantastically for the penultimate chorus ready for some wild bouncing whilst also giving David a bit of breathing room for vocals. I think we are definitly lucky that yet another gem has just missed the scrap pile. Any song that gets me moving in my chair without me even noticing is worth it.

So yeah, Jive. What were ya thinking?


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Nice post Chenson!

TOfan said...

Great post, Chenson. I am amazed by David anyway, but that he can bounce and sing full voice and in tune ... just, wow.

Jive must be kicking themselves now. David must really believe in this unreleased song to include it on the tour ... and he was right!

archangel48 said...

Great review Chenson. It's so refreshing to hear young people David's age appreciate his talents. Your writings show how much you respect his musicality, also the "David" love is prevalent throughout your post. I look forward to your next posting. (p.s. I always loved your banter with Rascal, he is missed huh?)

Anonymous said...

My hope is that he takes this song with him to the UK. It is such a good contrast to his slower stuff and the McFly fans with absolutely love the energy and fun David brings to the stage with this song.


pastel said...

Chenson....were we separated at birth? Probably not, since I am at least twice your age. No matter. You nailed everything I love about David and this song. Shop Around was easily my favourite song on AI. Soulful David does it best. And the bridge is my favourite part of Zero Gravity. I am underwhelmed with the current studio version though. It doesn't replicate the feel and additional ad libs of the live version. It needs a new recording or a re-production. I'm not surprised the current ZG studio version may have been parked; it needs an injection of the looser David to make it come to life.

Ed said...

Zero Gravity is like a treasure taken out from the coffers. It was hidden but it was precious, brilliant song that can be the "national anthem" of club goers. It should definitely be released as a single.

Anonymous said...

Love to read what you think about
David /music. I think the "what
were you thinking Jive" is about to
get much worse. Jive assigned Zero Gravity to "another artist". I love
(especially the live) TMH, hope Jive
is NOT releasing TMH video so we just forget ZG ever happened.
Jive it won't work and WHAT are
you thinking?

lyrix said...

I saw David perform this song in Boise, and with how much energy David was using, I was surprised that he was able to talk, let alone sing the next song.

Anonymous said...

Great idea to make this as album..good job.nice post..

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