Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Solo Tour begins!

David embarked on his first ever solo tour last night with what seems to be a wildly successful opening night featuring some well known David songs along with some fresh surprises! Being able to see David perform for longer than 1 song, 4 songs or even 5 at the Jingle Balls is something new to all of us. Finally we will be able to appreciate David as a true concert performer and not just an 'appearance'. David constructs his show with the usual 'Crush', 'Angels', 'Touch My Hand' and 'A Little to Not Over You' but he has thrown in a great medley with some great songs such as 'One' by U2 and 'Love Song' by Sara Bareilles and also adding David and Mike Krompass written 'Zero Gravity', a song that im baffled at as to how it didnt make the album (I personally would have it over My Hands). David also performed bonus tracks 'Waiting For Yesterday' and quite simply brilliant 'Somebody Out There'.

For me, the live situation has always been where David thrives. Its been a little while since we had a chance to witness him properly in this situation. In a commercial industry where studio only artists seem to be dominant, a commerical act who is able to mesmerize and come into their own live is something new and refreshing and ever welcome to the world of music. Live is where music is meant to be and in that situation, it is where David comes alive. Here we see his music move away from the synthesised produced, commercial sound and into the organic sound that should have been and man, the music really prospers because of it. One of the biggest surprises was 'Running' (video courtesy of trudi from IDF). This song has an absolutely awesome groove and bassline that you just dont get from the recorded version but which the band manages to capture brillianty live. David really lets loose into the vocals allowing them to soar and glide with the song and credit to Kendra and Mike for the fantastic backing vocals on this one too.

I look forward to future videos that will slip through the security cracks (unforunately videos arent allowed but no concert ever goes unfilmed these days, even with these rules in place) and I will review the ones that are particularly good in my eyes. Im still waiting for 'Somebody Out There'. Would someone PLEASE try and get a good video of that one? Im desperate (no pun intended, although I do wish he would do that one). This a great time for David and he was exuberant last night based on the videos and from all the reports I have read. Hes living the dream and he wholeheartedly deserves it. I look forward to witnessing him in action again this May.

To finish, Id like to say how much I love 'Save the Day. A different side to David but something he can really pull off well. Im not sure ive heard a more versatile singer. Does this boys talents ever end?


Abrra said...

Well done write up! Come home to us notingDavid friends at new home We have a ton of links to vids.

Claudia said...

Beautiful post. Thank you

lyrix said...

Chenson, I'm loving your blog! I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

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