Friday, 26 September 2008

A Very Nice Picture and Gold!

Jive I praise you. You drop us an innocent (but also not innocent) picture with 2 words, David's name, onto the Amazon pre-order page for David's album and all hell breaks loose. Its like throwing a small piece of meat to a very large pack on hungry hounds, devouring every little morsel there is possible (not that we devour David in anyway). Its marketing genius. This picture subtly placed on Amazon, is David's album cover suitably chosen by David himself and his mother, Lupe. Now, album covers and pictures are not what I usually would talk about on this blog but I feel there is an important artistic element here that needs discussing, a factor that is very important to how David is being perceived by his label musically and how he is going to be perceived to the outside world upon release. I feel that this cover is the clearest indicator since 'Crush' of how things are going behind closed doors and what we will be receiving on November 11th and the indicator is a very positive one.

The first thing that struck me about this photo was maturity. Its quite clear David is not going to be marketed as some smiley teeny-bopper Zac Efron wannabe, an image I sense he was being pushed towards by the AI crew back on the show and maybe even by Jive right at the beginning. Im sensing a change in policy on David from Jive with this cover as the evidence of that. I think after a few months of working with him and observing his work with songwriters and what is being produced, a disconnect was being created between how they were going to market him based on what they thought he would create, and the music that was actually being created. A gross underestimation of the musical depth David possesses in both his performing, his song writing and the songs he has chosen to perform on the album. I think its a little more mature than the teeny based sort of direction Jive maybe had originally planned. Instead what we are left with is something more mature, serious and most importantly, credible. Of course this is all just theory but they say a picture speaks a thousand words and I truly believe this one does. It is very encouraging news indeed. David is growing up, faster than I predicted, faster than anyone predicted as shown in this behind the scenes footage of his official album photo shoot found here (another morsel of David Jive has thrown to the pack of rabid fans for us to devour). The comfort he now demonstrates in these situations where he was once grossly uncomfortable not all that long ago is a definite indication of this maturing. I think we mite be in for a pleasant surprise with the first album. A fun pop album but with the depth we all know David possesses but have worried it maybe lacking.

And yet more great news this week. Based on last weeks sales figures releases from Billboard, Crush has gone Gold this week. No official announcement as of yet but we can be 99.99% certain based on iTunes placings. An important milestone that David has achieved in just 7 weeks. With 500,000 copies sold with still 6 weeks to go before album release, the coveted platinum certification does not seem too far away at all. In fact, if my math serves me correctly, I predict platinum at some time in December. Single sales tend to peak around album release when promotion is under way and radio play is in full flow so the best has yet to come for David in terms of sales for Crush. Its a very exciting and pleasing prospect for Crush to know it has 1 important accolade to its name just 7 weeks after release with little or no promotion behind it as of yet. Confidence in David from Jive should be high and confidence in David from David should be equally soaring.

I just hope someone tapes his reaction when he finds out.

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