Monday, 15 September 2008

Tour Conclusion, A New Beginning

The American Idols Live Tour of 2008 wrapped up in Tulsa, Oklahoma last Saturday (check out Angels here, it really is something else) thus signalling the end of the 10 contestants journey on American Idol. David's journey began over a year ago in San Diego and has finally reached its end September 13th 2008. It was around 7 months ago David first graced our television screens, almost 4 months ago the finale was upon us and the tours opening concert in Glendale was 2 and a half months ago. Its been one mighty journey and experience for David and for all of us as fans on the Idol roller-coaster and it has finally come to an end. But for every door that shuts, a new one opens and David is set to leap into the next chapter of his life with enviable and great support and the opportunity to continue his life-long dream - Establish a long term career making and performing music. A big part of me is glad that he has finally escaped. The Idol bubble is narrow minded, scheming and often anti-artistic at times and I think its no coincidence that artists who go onto to be successful off the back of these shows eventually separate themselves from it altogether. However, seeing David sing on our TV's once a week and being able to watch youtube videos of tour performances almost every other day will be sorely missed for the time being and it was ultimately Idol that brought David to us all.

So what now for David? The majority of the other contestants will now depart the Idol scene with the possibility of a small album to be made, the pursuit of a record deal but knowing they will probably never be on a tour of that magnitude again or be able to reach the heights they achieved on Idol. David however, has his first music video première on iTunes this week, a major album release set for November 11th and a whole array of press and media appearances including (rumoured appearances) The Tonight Show, Ellen and the big daddy of all chat shows, Oprah. David is also making an appearance alongside David Cook at this years Ford Day where he will more than likely perform 'Crush' live for the first time. The future is bright for David. Crush is continuing its upward trajectory on the charts as its gradually approaches album release along with ever increasing Radio play. There is even the possibility of a (rumoured) solo tour at the beginning of next year. Things could not be better as of now. Is it over on the Idol front? Certainly. Is it over for David? Absolutely not.

As I look to the future, the only way from here now for David is up. He has improved considerably on almost all fronts. His singing is maturing, his interview and public confidence is growing and his performances are looking more and more polished with each and every showing. David is growing fast, blossoming into a seasoned performer and moving away from that rough diamond he was on the Idol. David returns to Utah now for a few days rest but will continue working very hard on the album which is due for release November 11th. I would like to add that a version of 'When You Say You Love Me' is pretty much a must have for this album. David has turned that song into something special and completely made it his own. That is the song that encapsulates this whole chapter and I think it would be a travesty to not document it in style. It would also be a fitting demonstration to the rest of the world of just how great a singer he is. Critics and non-familiar music lovers can look at the album and say, yes he can do the pop tunes like 'Crush' but he is also a darn good singer too and its important for him to really make that mark. Things could not be better for David now. He is on the platform to his dream and our dream for him. One door shuts and another one opens and what a great experience that chapter has been for all of us but a newer and even bigger and greater journey approaches. As David matures into manhood, we will witness the birth of something even more special and we can all proudly say, I was there right from the start.

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