Sunday, 7 December 2008

An Early Christmas Present

First of all id like to apologize for the lack of activity around here! I been kinda busy but that will all change soon, I promise! In the meantime id like to present to you an absolutely incredible performance of 'O Holy Night' performed at a Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony in LA yesterday. It truly is divine. Sensitive yet powerful, commanding and emotional, quite astounding singing and it really highlights the improvement he has made in the 12 months since the last performance of 'O Holy Night' he did on his own (one of the first videos I ever saw of David!). This is David at his sensitive and resonant best. I had chills throughout my whole body at that last note.

I was completely blown away by this and so will you. It really is something quite special.

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watchtower said...

the link in the snarkies sure did come in handy...its been a while since you posted something lol.

David, at that event, was scary lol; he was just too good. One home-run after another. The people who went there were very fortunate.

And what a way to bring back the "David classics" haha. I take Tree Lighting event as a sign that he will sing some of his "old" songs in his future performances (at least those that will allow him to vary his set list). I would love for him to sing something like "I'll Be" or "Couldn't Ask for More" or "I Surrender" and all that other stuff haha.