Friday, 7 November 2008

David on Jay Leno

David appeared on the coveted Tonight Show last night to perform his hit single Crush which has now sold well over 800,000 copies and will hit platinum well before the end of the year. The first thing ill say about this performance is it a whole lot better than his first performance at Ford Day. More vocal control, poise and confidence. He also seemed alot more comfortable fronting a band rather than singing to a backing track, which is of course understandable. The other comment I would make is how much better 'Crush' sounds with a real band as opposed to synth drums and bass but ill talk about this more when I publish my album review.

Overall, it was a very fine performance. A little shaky at first but he held his pitch and exploded into the chorus with great confidence. His performances look far more polished, professional and poised these days. He really has come on so much since American Idols conclusion, gone is the slight awkwardness. He seems effortlessly comfortable in front of the camera now.C rush is deceptively hard song to sing and David did a fine job but the fact is, hes always a class act. Easily one of the best performances ive seen on the Tonight Show.


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