Sunday, 29 June 2008

GOSH! Where do they all post?!

Planet Idol is the latest and greatest forum dedicated to American Idol, Canadian Idol and general Pop culture discussing the latest movies, music, politics, TV shows. Planet Idol features the best dedicated David Archuleta forum on the web known as 'Always Archuleta'! The Always Archuleta forum features the latest news, pictures, media and most importantly, discussion and fun related to David Archuleta and his prospering career. So come check out Planet Idol's 'Always Archuleta' forum as well as a universe of other exciting features and topics that will keep you hooked for hours.

The 'Always Archuleta' forum on Planet Idol is run and moderated by chenson, the author of this blog with Chad and Keith (Chad85 and Progressive originally from IdolForums) operating the general forum. Everyone is welcome to our community and you shall be welcomed warmly! Always Archuleta is the perfect place for community based discussion and sharing related to David Archuleta in a positive manner. I quickly found my home here after venturing into other less successful community forums and I'm sure everyone else will do too. Myself, Chad, Keith and the rest of the Mod Team at Planet Idol will do our best to ensure you find your home here too.

So come join in the fun! Here's a quick guide of where to get in on the Archuleta action!

The 'Lets Get Serious About The Archuleta' thread for all mature discussion about Davids career, talent and everything else can be found right HERE

Pictures, articles and media can be found in these threads listed HERE

Fun threads such as Photo captioning and the general fan chat thread known as 'On Davids Wings' can be found HERE

ALL comments/opinions for my blog posts can be posted right HERE

Registering for our community only takes a very short time but you can be sure that you shall be able to call Planet Idol your new home for all things David Archuleta!

Stop by the Welcome Wagon and introduce yourself! Looking forward to seeing you all at Planet Idol!

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